Why Hill Solutions?


The right words skillfully deployed motivates action.

In fact, it can also move mountains. Since 2000, Ottawa-based Hill Solutions has excelled in leveraging communications expertise to help clients better pursue targeted goals. In today’s dynamic landscape, our professional agility and innovation can be the difference. With inspired messaging that inspires action, Hill Solutions has made a difference for some of the best and brightest.


In most endeavours, how people are utilized or impacted affects results.

Through years of work, we have formed meaningful relationships with public and private personalities including parliamentarians, political staff, government executives, civil servants, journalists, academics, political organizers, candidates and more. We understand the importance of building and sustaining relationships in pursuit of targeted goals.


From employees to customers to voters, someone always has to be convinced about something.

From meta-narrative and message development through to delivery vehicles — speeches, Tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts, live presentations, videos, blogs, press releases, articles, and more — we can produce content that connects to a variety of targeted audiences. We connect to convince. When we convince, we influence. Influence means results.