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Strategic Communications


Words yield power to help, heal, hinder, humiliate or humble.

We can help you:

Craft the right message for the right people.

Influence opinions and motivate action in your targeted audience. 

Communications Planning

We are especially adept at goal-oriented narrative development, narrative, key messages, target audiences, activities, timelines and channels of delivery.


Writing and Messaging

Our strengths include having taught strategic communications in government. We can help with speech-writing, press releases, backgrounders and articles.



We have a long record of success with a range of public sector officials including parliamentarians and Crown ministers, as well as private sector stakeholders. 


Content Production

We retain some of the most creative and innovative minds in marketing and messaging to deliver both specific and integrated solutions that generate results.


Stakeholder Engagement


Communities, employees or voters, someone always has to be convinced about something.

We can help you:

Improve your dialogue with the important people you want to reach. 

Influence target-audience behaviour along your identified goals.

Target-Audience Relations

We will help you identify and engage the right people in the right way – whether employees, colleagues, customers, voters, consumers or adversaries.


Social and Digital Media Engagement

We retain some of the best talent in this important domain to offer you planned, deliberate and effective engagement, including graphical and video content.


Digital Campaigns

Our digital experts can plan and execute a longer-term campaign including periodic data analytics evaluation of progress towards targeted objectives.


Media Relations

We are experts at message optimization and connecting clients with the right vehicle to get their voice heard. We also train media spokespersons.



Whether it is planning research strategies, methodologies, qualitative and/or quantitative data analysis, writing reports or knowledge dissemination, our expert team has the knowledge and experience to do it.

We can help you:

In workshop design and delivery, conferences, presentations, to building capacity in your organization. 

Strengthen your strategy-development process with solutions to specific issues, or we can design a new approach to your management and planning.

Facilitation and Training

We have skilled facilitators specialising in Inclusion and Diversity, Education, Cross-Cultural Safety, Professional Development, Communications and Leadership.



Our expert team has experience in both academic and professional research projects. We are well-positioned to find the theories, questions, and answers you need. 


Policy and Programming

We work together with our clients to ensure that their organization's framework and policies are in line with their values and specific goals. We offer strong expertise in informing policies and procedures, proposal writing and reports, in addition to curriculum development and inclusive programming.


Strategic Analysis

Our team can help you identify priorities and strategies to help you effectively reach your goals.

Need help? Reach out to us!

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