About Us

Our Approach

Today's fast-evolving landscape sometimes poses dynamic challenges. We value our clients’ time and we work hard to earn the business. We work even harder to keep our clients coming back. 

Simply put, better communications mean better results.


Our Solution

By leveraging our expertise in strategic communications and how best to engage people, our clients have been able to reap results, while saving valuable time, money and energy.

Meet the Team


Fred Sherman

Fred Sherman is a strategic communications and leadership expert. He has advised government, business, and political leaders; worked on grand-scale Government of Canada change and modernization initiatives, trained Canadian teachers and military officers; and guided executive careers. 
Denny Brown

Denny Brown

Executive Associate
Denny Brown is a 23-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces who brings vast experience in business practices, communications and marketing. After suffering a horrible loss when his youngest child, Audrey, succumbed to a mitochondrial disease at the age of 3, Denny dedicates some of his time to bringing awareness to mitochondrial issues.
Robert Dekker

Robert Dekker

Robert Dekker is a policy and political strategist with strong connections across Canada’s capital. A firm believer in activism as a catalyst for good, he has counseled community and political stakeholders; and supports Canadian Veterans, and is board president of a non-profit housing organization.

Louis Butt

Louis brings strengths in writing, tactical outreach, marketing and public policy, buttressed by work experience in Europe and Asia. A University of Toronto Political Science and History alumnus (with Distinction), he also crafts and brands publications. Louis is fluent in French, Spanish, and proficient in Japanese.