Why Hill Solutions?

Motivate Action

Since 2000, Ottawa-based Hill Solutions has excelled in leveraging skills and relationships to help clients pursue targeted goals. Our innovation and agility can be the difference for you in today’s dynamic landscape. With core competencies in strategic communications, government relations and leadership methodology, we have delivered successfully for some of the best and brightest.

Build Relationships

We have successfully delivered for public, private and political stakeholders and influencers including parliamentarians, government executives, civil servants, government departments and agencies, municipalities, stakeholder groups, trade unions, media, postsecondary institutions, and more. We tap into long-standing relationships with leaders and legislators, political staff, government administrators, academics, journalists and civil society stakeholders to best pursue your targeted goals.

Influence Behaviours

We produce written copy including speeches, press releases, articles and reports, and can deliver effective live presentations to a variety of audiences. We provide advice on social media tools, techniques, trends and practices, and on enhancing your overall media presence. We can plan, execute, monitor and evaluate targeted social media efforts or campaigns, and also research, write, and publish content for diverse audiences.