Our Approach

Our Approach

Today's fast-evolving and cluttered competitive landscape poses challenges for those in pursuit of targeted objectives often at a high cost. Hill Solutions helps organizations and individuals motivate action, build relationships, and influence behaviours.

Our Solution

By leveraging expertise in strategic communications, leadership and stakeholder relations, Hill Solutions helps organizations and individuals motivate action, build relationships, and influence behaviour saving valuable time, money and energy.

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Meet the Team

Our team at Hill Solutions works with purpose and passion for our clients. Rooted in our foundational values of integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, personalized client focus and value-added results, we will work tirelessly with you to achieve the outcomes you desire.


Fred Sherman

CEO & Managing Partner

Fred is responsible for delivering strategic communications, leadership and career transition outcomes for public, private and civil society stakeholders. A skilled communicator, he has been a social commentator on television and radio both nationally and globally. His insights have also been shared in major newspapers across Canada.


Denise Siele

President & Managing Partner

Denise's passion for service has guided her journey over the past 25 years. She has contributed as a volunteer, youth coach, mentor, television commentator and award-winning business owner and entrepreneur. Her experience includes leadership working with children, families, young women and community agencies.


Greg Frankson

Principal, Greater Toronto Area

Greg has worked at the national and international levels as a creative services professional, corporate trainer, speaker and facilitator. He is a consummate communications professional, an award-winning writer and published author, a past CBC poetic commentator and media personality, with extensive volunteer community involvement.

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Our Story

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