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Today's fast-evolving landscape poses dynamic challenges for different interests. Hill Solutions has the experience to help organizations and individuals identify and incorporate opportunities for success.


Our Solution

By leveraging expertise in strategic communications, stakeholder relations and change management, Hill Solutions helps organizations and individuals achieve optimal goals saving valuable time, money and energy.

Our Team


Fred Sherman, Principal
Fred Sherman is a strategic communications and leadership expert. He has counseled government, business, and political leaders; trained Canadian teachers and military officers; guided careers and reputations; and has driven Government of Canada change initiatives at National Defence, Health Canada, the Public Service Commission, and Treasury Board. 
Louis Butt, Associate
Louis brings core strengths in writing, communications, marketing and public policy campaigns. His experience working in Europe and Asia equips a valuable global outlook that makes a difference for clients. A University of Toronto Political Science and History graduate, he also provides strategic counsel, branding, development of publications and tactical outreach.

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